OptiLife Medical: Services

Opti-Life Medical provides a range of services focusing on general wellness, anti-aging, rejuvenation, and aesthetics. Our treatments use only the highest quality products without fillers and are made to order in a local pharmacy. Your provider will help you choose the right therapeutic procedure for you based on an in-depth analysis of your goals and current health.

Hormone Optimization Therapy

Hormones are responsible for coordinating functions in your body. The human body produces its own hormones to keep your body functioning in sync as a whole. Over time, however, hormone production slows and can cause some of the following symptoms as the body becomes less coordinated:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of focus
  • Loss of memory
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Decreased libido

The first step to hormone optimization therapy is a simple blood test to determine current hormone levels. From there, your provider can recommend a treatment plan based on your body’s unique hormone needs.

Hormone optimization therapy uses synthetic hormones that can be tailored to you. Unlike traditional hormone replacement, hormone optimization focuses on going beyond the minimum level of hormones. It even goes beyond replacing hormones that most people think about, such as estrogen. The body produces over 50 hormones, and more than one should be assessed. Optimizing these hormones not only eliminates the symptoms of reduced hormone levels, but it helps you feel your best – often better than you felt years ago!

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is similar to hormone optimization in that it restores naturally occurring elements to the body. Peptides are a type of amino acid that helps regulate the body’s function, stimulate healing, reduce pain, and even help with weight loss and sexual wellness.

Your provider may recommend peptide therapy if you want to:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Improve your sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Lessen joint or muscle pain
  • Increase sex drive
  • Build the body’s immune system

We often recommend 12-15 weeks of peptide therapy based on desired goals.

Common examples of peptides prescribed may include:

  • Sermorelin
  • IGF1-LR3
  • CJC1295/Ipamorelin
  • Semaglutide
  • BPC157
  • TB500
  • NAD+
  • and many more!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

The primary purpose of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections is to support wound healing. This type of treatment is most commonly used in cases of trauma and joint injury. Research shows that PRP stimulates the healing process and reduces pain, allowing you to get back to normal activities more quickly.

PRP injections are recommended for the following:

  • Joint injuries, just as tennis elbow
  • Post-surgery healing
  • Osteoarthritis pain and stiffness
  • Skin rejuvenation for youthful, wrinkle-free skin
  • Hair loss treatment

Platelet-rich plasma is created from your own blood and is processed to concentrate the number of platelets in the plasma. The injection is then targeted to the needed location to concentrate bioproteins, stimulating and accelerating healing. Because nothing is added to the platelet-rich plasma, it is a perfectly safe treatment for anyone who needs it.

PRP injections are usually administered over a course of three sessions. Your provider will discuss your symptoms and goals and recommend an individualized approach.

Botulinium & Filler Injections

Botox is a pharmaceutical product that blocks certain nerve signals, and that keeps those muscles from contracting. The most common use of Botox is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face. These injections can be effective for up to 90 days.

There are other reasons your provider might recommend Botox injections. It’s properties make it an effective treatment for the following conditions:

  • Lazy eye
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Chronic migraine
  • Eye twitching
  • Cervical dystonia
  • Bladder dysfunction

Facial fillers are substances injected into the skin to smooth wrinkles and make them less noticeable. Injection of a facial filler is generally an outpatient procedure that’s done with numbing medication. The procedure takes up to an hour. You might have mild discomfort, bruising and swelling for up to a week. After the swelling goes down, you might need a touch-up injection for best results. How long the effect lasts depends on the type of wrinkle and filler, among other factors. Facial fillers, or soft tissue fillers, generally aren’t used for people who have suppressed immune systems or who take blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants). Ask our staff about wrinkle preventing procedures and medications!


While certain procedures must be completed in-house, OptiLife Medical can work with you virtually for many treatments. Our patient portal includes a messaging service to help you chat directly with your provider. In addition, the included telehealth service allows video conferencing on a secure platform so you can meet with your provider for regular check-ins or for a 15-minute sick visit.

Everything on the patient portal – including the telehealth conferencing services – is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. We’ve chosen the platform based on the features we feel are right for you and for their commitment to security and your online safety.


Many treatments require a blood draw and lab work. This helps us check levels for a baseline or to adjust treatment for maintenance. We can obtain specimens in-house or, if you are unable to visit the office, we can help you find a suitable lab.