OptiLife Medical: About

OptiLife Medical specializes in modern medicine, but we’re so much more than that. Our goal is to maximize your health through quality medical services and products. Our focus areas are wellness, anti-aging, and medical treatments designed for rejuvenation and aesthetics. Every service or product we offer is individualized for your health optimization. We want you to know that treatment at OptiLife Medical is more than just treatment – it’s a mutual relationship with an experienced, professional medical team.

OptiLife Medical specializes in modern medicine, but we’re so much more than that. Our goal is to maximize your health through quality medical services and products.

Founding Principles

Our founder and primary provider, Clay Roelle, NP-C, has been working in the medical field since 2018. He believes that everyone should have access to the innovative breakthroughs in modern medicine. Insurance, while useful, restricts that access through unnecessary regulations, pre-approvals, and restrictions on medicines and procedures that can help you live a full, happy life.

Clay founded OptiLife Medical in 2022 based on that principle – providing care to maximize your life through an accessible practice filled with knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. OptiLife Medical provides a full range of services for health optimization, aesthetics, and rejuvenation.

We are dedicated to a long-term relationship of mutual trust and communication. OptiLife Medical providers take the time to get to know you and your needs. With that in mind, we can work with you to help you reach your best possible state of wellness. And with a lifetime patient-provider relationship, maintaining optimum health is easier than ever.


OptiLife Medical is located outside of the perimeter north of Atlanta. However, we are currently treating patients all over Georgia and neighboring states via telemedicine and our patient portal. The patient app combines those technologies into a comprehensive tool that you can use to communicate with your provider, attend appointments, and even request prescription refills – all from the comfort of your home. Because of that use of technology, location is not an obstacle in accessing our office.

The products prescribed to our patients are second to none. Through a partnership with a local compounding pharmacy, all products are made to order in a sterile processing facility. These high-quality products don’t contain potentially harmful fillers, which may be present in potentially cheaper products you could order from another country. And, the compounding pharmacy can ship the products to you anywhere, so there’s no reason to drive to pick them up.


Due to its excessive restriction and control of patient treatment, OptiLife does not accept medical insurance. We know how frustrating it is to find exactly the right treatment and then have the insurance company deny a claim or substitute a less effective treatment. We believe that you and your provider should discuss and determine all medications and procedures without interference from an insurance representative who doesn’t take the time to know your needs. Our process gives you the best, most effective care because it is personalized and isn’t restricted by insurance profit margins.

The cost of services and products are discussed with you in advance, and payment is due at the time of treatment. Membership options will be available in the future.